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Main Benefits

Our unique "corpus" and AI/MT algorithms are actively curating collection of occurring text (spoken or written languages) and exploiting large amount of voice and language datasets of translated and monolingual text to learn translation with statistical models.
  • It's easy to use.
  • Train our datasets and neural network.
  • Work conveniently with us from anywhere in the world.
  • Earn income instantly with your knowledge of languages.
  • You can cash-out to Paypal or bank account anywhere in the world.
  • Be part of our team building content and technology for global sustainability.
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For People

Anyone can take up a pool of task from 789+ trillion corpus datasets and earn income instantly.


Bridging communication barriers, among people in rural and urban areas.


Learn programming languages or education materials in your local languages.

Earn income instantly with
your knowledge of languages.

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Work, earn and grow your income daily..

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Join our large community around the world and help create a world without language barriers. If you can translate from English or European or Asian languages to 2000+ African languages (or between any two languages), you can join our community and participate. Our neural machine translation (NMT) algorithms are actively curating trillions of "text" as translation tasks, available in our neural network connections.
  • Constant Revenue: The more translation projects or tasks that are executed, the more revenues are generated for the translators.
  • Participate: on a long term, to translate or train our AI/MT algorithms.
  • Grow: Work, earn and grow your income daily.
  • Support: Get free and fast answers to your technical questions.
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