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Join our large community of scientists, language translators and help create a world without language barriers.

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What is OBTranslate?

OBTranslate® is a deep learning company that develops online CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tool, neural machine translation (NMT) and artificial intelligence platform for languages. A registered trademark of its parent company OpenBinacle.


Our mission is to bridge language barriers. We simply want most (spoken or written) languages to talk to each other seamlessly.
We are building machine translation and artificial intelligence (AI/MT) innovative platform, that could enable self driving cars, speaker devices, smartphones, humanoid robots and wireless technology to interact with humans in different languages.

To achieve this dream, we are exploiting large amount of voice and language datasets of translated and monolingual text to learn translation with statistical models. Join us by donating your voice and languages to help us build an open-source multilingual data repository, this will enable us build innovative platforms that is in accordance with "sustainable development goals" (SDG's), the African Union (AU) and AfCTA.

MT/AI & Deep Learning

Join our community of machine translation, nlp, data scientists, mathematicians, hackers, software developers and linguistics groups. Currently, we are crowdsourcing, training over 2000+ language (spoken or written) datasets and neural models in different universities around the world.

The goal of automatically translating documents from foreign languages into African languages (or between any two languages) is one of the oldest pursuits of artificial intelligence research. Our community are exploiting large datasets of translated and monolingual text to learn translation with statistical models, with a current focus on neural models.

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Africa sees its economic development slowed down by the language barrier: more than 2000 different dialects! To break this barrier, @obtranslate created a computer-assisted translation platform, thanks to the #AI.


Telecommunications corporation

What is the cost of language barrier on businesses and how can traders trading across borders do business without much hindrance. Data scientist Emmanuel Gabriel tells us his ambition software that aims to translates 2000+ African languages.

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A digital platform called OBTranslate that aims to translate more than 2,000 African languages to enable rural dwellers to gain easy access to global markets has been launched.


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