What is OBTranslate?

OBTranslate® foundation is a deep learning, online CAT (computer-assisted translation) tool, neural machine translation (NMT), and artificial intelligence platform for languages. A registered trademark of its parent company OpenBinacle.


Our mission is to bridge language barriers. We simply want most (spoken or written) languages to talk to each other seamlessly.
We are building machine translation and artificial intelligence (AI/MT) innovative platform, that could enable self driving cars, speaker devices, smartphones, humanoid robots and wireless technology to interact with humans in different languages.

To achieve this dream, we are exploiting large amount of voice and language datasets of translated and monolingual text to learn translation with statistical models. Join us by donating your voice and languages to help us build an open-source multilingual data repository, this will enable us build innovative platforms that is in accordance with "sustainable development goals" (SDG's), the African Union (AU) and AfCTA.
We're a team of programmers, data scientists, physicists, mathematicians, cloud architects and hackers, working together to tackle a single problem with "artificial intelligence and deep learning."

The main contributors to OBTranslate are people from all over the world".

We are collaborating with universities around the world to undertake research and development activities in a broad range of areas including machine translation (MT), artificial intelligence, Generative AI (GPT), machine learning, linguistics, Web3 and blockchain technologies.

789 Trillion +


Our Ecosystem

Cloud Infrastructure

The Digital Launch Pad program (DLP) was created by OVH to accelerate innovative startups like us. OVH is the world's third (number 3) largest infrastructure/hosting company.

Google Cloud for Startup
Cloud Infrastructure

We are part of "Google for startup programme" and running quickly and easily with Google mentorship, training, and Cloud infrastructure credits from Google Startups program.

Amazon LaunchPad
Cloud Infrastructure

Amazon Launchpad provides resources, expertise, and global infrastructure to entrepreneurs and startup companies to sell and deliver innovative products to millions of Amazon customers.

Cloud Database

MongoDB has offered us credit to use MongoDB Atlas, our fully-managed global cloud database.

Microsoft for Startups
Cloud Infrastructure

Microsoft has provided our startup with credits to use its massive cloud infrastructure services.

Cloud & Data Source Infrastructure

Retool has offered our startups, its engineering and cloud infrastructure to build quickly.